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Oh, look! #mightbeart
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Fowl Forty Fives, James R. Eads and The Glitch
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German Memes Gothic Pt. III

You can’t find your way out of Real. “Einmal hin, alles drin”, they keep promising. But for naught. You still haven’t found your will to live.

They asked what soccer team you’re rooting for. Your life is hanging by a thread. They are staring at you, anticipating. Hungry. You know you only got one shot.

Stop”, you whisper. “Everything stays as it is.” You have drunk your coffee, but you haven‘t calmed down. There is a supply of fruit at home.

Something touches your leg. You look down. „Reingeguckt.”, the voices whisper. You are already numb from the pain. You have bruises everywhere.

You’ve tried for years, but you are not able to succeed. The stone can’t sing. It can only sound. All your efforts were in vain.

In your dreams, a faceless figure pays you a visit. “Alles Müller, oder was?”, they whisper with icy breath. Shuddering, you don’t dare to answer.

You are staring into nothingness. What is the meaning of all this? What kind of 1 life is that?

Your head is aching; your vision is blurry. Mein Terr… Terri… Tererium… What does it say? You can’t fathom. You have given up on life. What even is strawberry cheese?

At night, you become aware of your own mortality. All things must pass. Everything has an end. Only the sausage has two.

(by wirelesson)

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